Our story

Our journey began in 2017 at Uppsala University, when researcher Dr Mamoun Taher invented Aros Graphene®, a unique graphene hybrid material technology capable of unlocking the full potential of graphene.

And so Graphmatech was born – with a mission to take graphene from a novel wonder-material in the lab, to a solution for large-scale industrial applications.

Aros Graphene® Technology

Our unique Aros Graphene® is a patented graphene hybrid material technology which has solved the long-standing agglomeration issue in graphene applications.

Aros Graphene® takes its name from Uppsala and Västerås, the two cities where Graphmatech started. The Vikings used to call them Östra Aros (East Aros) and Västra Aros (West Aros).

An award-winning enterprise

We have already received several awards, including being listed as one of the 33 Hottest Tech Startup Companies in Sweden according to NyTeknik in both 2019 and 2020 and named Nordic Nanotech Company of the Year in 2018!

Our founder Dr Mamoun Taher was also awarded the prestigious SKAPA Prize 2020 for Uppsala Region, for the invention of Aros Graphene, as well as the Peter Egardt’s stipendium for 2021.

Customers and project partners

Innovation and strategic partners