Aros Graphene® wins award for highest potential innovation


Graphmatech’s Aros Graphene® has been selected as one of 11 winners in UU Innovation’s inaugural ‘Attractive Innovation Project’ awards – given to those innovations judged to have the highest potential from Uppsala University in 2017.

UU Innovation introduced the new ‘Attractive Innovation Project’ award in connection with their 10th anniversary, to highlight ongoing innovation projects initiated by researchers and students at Uppsala University.

An “Attractive Innovation Project” is deemed to be one with high innovation potential that has received support from UU Innovation, and also external funding that has further enhanced its development potential.

The award will be given once a year. This year, 11 projects were recognized, representing a range of novel solutions to real-world challenges, from archaeology, human rights and youth news feeds to plant cultivation, new materials and diagnostic tests.

Find out more about the award here.


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