Welcome to Graphmatech, Amine!

“I had the opportunity to work with Graphmatech in a collaboration with my former employer. Apart from being a successful project, I loved the team and the atmosphere”, says Amine Zouaoui on a link from Tunisia where he grew up. He has lived in Sweden since 2017 and on 23 August, he takes on the role as Lab Engineer at Graphmatech.

What brought you to Sweden?

My wife Dalel had the chance to do her PhD at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and we decided to go. It seemed like an adventure. We’re still here and really love living here – the space, the calmness, the snow in the winters among other things. We’ve even started skiing but really need to practice a lot more. We both have great jobs and our daughter Mira, 15 months, will probably grow up as a nature-lover skier.

What would you say is the biggest difference between Tunisia and Sweden?

The biggest difference between working in Tunisia and in Sweden is that things run so much more fluently in Sweden. I think it has to do with communication. If everyone has the information they need, it’s so much easier to take responsibility and do a good job.

What is your background?

I have a Master of Science in process and chemical engineering from the University of Gabés in the southern part of Tunisia. Since then, I’ve worked in the mining industry, as process engineer in Tunisia. When we moved to Sweden in 2017, I took on a position as process engineer at Paxymer, a company specialized in flame retardants for polyolefin polymers.

What made you apply for the position as Lab Engineer at Graphmatech?

I’ve followed Graphmatech for some years and as I mentioned earlier also worked together with the team on a project. It’s a growing company, which is exciting. I know the challenges with a start-up, but I love the challenge! Working in a small company often means short decision paths and good opportunities to influence the development.

I really look forward to utilizing my experience and knowledge to support the company on its growth journey. We’ll grow together!

So do we. Warm welcome!