Björn's story

“I work mainly on strategic planning and fundraising – a path it seems I was destined for from an early age. When I was young I was ‘the math guy’ and I loved strategic games. My friend’s father was an entrepreneur, and I was always so excited by the speed and ease with which he could simply make things happen.

I studied as a biotech engineer, and always had a strong interest in innovation. I attended the School of Entrepreneurship, and have been a serial entrepreneur since – this is my seventh startup.  I worked as a strategy consultant for many years, ending up in photovoltaic startups and then materials. My last venture was with Disruptive Materials, which now has 35 employees.

I joined Graphmatech as co-founder, attracted by how dynamic Mamoun is as a person, and how massive the potential of the technology behind the company is. It’s amazing to present it to people and see the spirit and excitement it ignites in the eyes of team members, customers and investors alike.”

– Björn Lindh, CFO & Co-founder

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