Data is changing the world. I see myself as a creative problem-solver bridging the technological side of data analytics and UX with the communicative skills of design, storytelling, and entrepreneurship”, says Caroline Tisénius, Marketing Communications Specialist, who will join the Graphmatech team in September.

Who are you as a person?

I would describe myself as a creative doer who likes to cook, photograph and spend time in the garden – things like that. I think my friends would say that I am a very calm person. I truly believe in lifelong learning, to always develop and learn new things. Hence, I keep taking courses at the university and elsewhere to continue sharpening my professional skills.

What is your background?

I graduated from the Data Strategist program at Hyper Island in 2015 and I’ve taken several courses in media and communications, business administration, and IT. As I said, I believe in continuous learning. I have been working with web design and content production, as well as user experience and marketing. Most recently, I’ve had a similar role at Disruptive Materials as I will have at Graphmatech. Disruptive Materials provide solutions for the cosmetics and sports industries, based on a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, so it’s different in many ways, similar in others.

I have also spent time working non-profit, in areas that are important to me. DataTjej (Computer Girl) is such an organization, aiming at getting more girls and non-binary people into IT. The IT industry is still very male dominant, for absolutely no reason, and I would like to contribute to change this.

What do you bring to Graphmatech?

I have a data-driven mindset, along with a broad competence in marketing and content creation. I really enjoy the material world and even though graphene might be well-known as a material today, I think that we have a lot of opportunities when it comes to storytelling and balancing expectations. I strongly believe that marketing and communication play an important role in the commercialization phase and in building a strong company and brand.

What made you join the Graphmatech team?

I have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and business transformation, which is why I found Graphmatech to be such an exciting challenge. I like working in small, yet growing environments where you are involved in many different areas, are part of the decisions, find ways to commercialize products, and build the company together. Graphmatech seems to be a very interesting company and I really look forward to joining the team in September.


And we look forward to welcoming you!