Guillaume's story

“From an early age I was always intrigued about how our goods were made, and what was possible with materials. I had always wanted to go into a creative field, and when composite materials were introduced to me in my first year of university, I instantly knew it was my thing. It was fascinating to imagine myself developing and creating new composites for aircraft or automobiles – it brought together my interest in materials and the creative vibe I had in me.

I have been in the industry more than 10 years, most recently at Sabic, and I joined Graphmatech in June 2020. Graphene can be a gamechanger in several industries, from polymers to metals.

But I particularly enjoy the interactions with potential customers. I get to put my scientist hat on and solve their problems – and every customer’s problems and targets are different, so it is always new and challenging. I believe providing them the right technical information and delivering the best solution for their application is the key to success.”

– Guillaume Ratouit, Polymer Expert & Technical Sales

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