Luis' story

“I come from Costa Rica, where I studied Material Science, specializing in characterization. Since graduating I’ve wanted to develop new materials and technologies, to help improve the way we live as a society without negatively impacting the environment.

Having worked for some years as an engineer, I completed my master’s degree in Spain and Sweden, where I had more interaction with super materials such as graphene.

I decided to remain in Sweden to work, inspired by their innovative perspective towards green technologies and social living.

I joined Graphmatech in 2018. I was fascinated by the way we can take conventional materials and make them outstanding, by adding this super-cool material.

As an R&D Engineer, I investigate how to solve industrial problems by combining different materials with graphene, developing and optimizing processes which can be scaled up for production. Working at Graphmatech has given me the capacity to reinvent myself, and the versatility required to strengthen my future career.

Above all, I enjoy the freedom of thinking outside the box and the team working beside me.”

–  Luis Diaz, Senior R&D Engineer


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