Viktor's story

“Since studying my master’s degree in chemical engineering I’ve found nanomaterials and the possibilities they offer intriguing. Developing novel materials is a creative process where a structured, methodological approach and attention to detail can be used to solve puzzles and problems – which is right up my alley.

Most importantly, I believe material science will contribute to a world with more sustainability and equality, which gives me a strong sense of purpose.

I also found a start-up environment really appealing, where the focus is on all the possibilities ahead rather than on the few unavoidable obstacles.

My day-to-day work is anything but mundane – working on research projects, exploring how graphene can be used for various applications, helping build company infrastructure and ensuring we comply with rules and regulations.

All sorts of scenarios can unfold in a growing company, resulting in unexpected experiences and constant personal development. And we have a truly tremendous team, from which so much can be gained, which is hands-down the best thing about working for Graphmatech.”

– Viktor Sanderyd, Lab Manager

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