Master Thesis Project: Polymer-Graphene Composites


Understanding the relationship between the microstructure and properties of polymer-graphene composites

Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology start-up company on a mission to transform materials technology for a better, more sustainable world. With a focus on metal and polymer materials and energy storage solutions, we develop cutting-edge graphene composites tailored to the needs of our industrial partners.  

We are now looking for Master Students to be a part of the continuous development of our research in the spring term 2024.

Project Description

Graphmatech is developing polymer graphene composites for blow moulding of hydrogen pressure vessel liners. The requirements for product performance are high, leading to large efforts in formulation and process development. To enable continued development, an understanding of the relationship between material /process data and performance is required. Modelling can minimize costly and time-consuming experiments which facilitates a shorter development process.

Graphene additives are incorporated in polymer formulations to improve processability, reduce melt flow, prolong the life span, and/or achieve the desired physical or chemical properties in the final product. This project will include modelling of existing material properties, processing parameter data, correlating that data to performance (conductivity, mechanical properties, hydrogen permeation), as well as the establishment of a method to characterize graphene in a polymer matrix.

The work will be performed at Graphmatech facilities and Ångström laboratory. It will include data collection and modelling, a literature study, and analysis of obtained data (e.g., XRD, SEM, DSC).

About you

For this project we are looking for a student with a strong background in both empirical data modelling/statistical analysis and characterization techniques. Suitable educations are materials modelling or materials physics/chemistry.  The project will require a good balance of self-motivation and ownership with teamwork and collaboration. In return, we offer a challenging, creative, and varied learning experience with a young organization with great potential in Uppsala.

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