Master Thesis Project: SLS Printing


Optimization of printing parameters for SLS graphene-coated powder

Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology start-up company on a mission to transform materials technology for a better, more sustainable world. With a focus on metal and polymer materials and energy storage solutions, we develop cutting-edge graphene composites tailored to the needs of our industrial partners.  

We are now looking for Master Students to be a part of the continuous development of our research in the spring term 2024.

Project Description

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a fast-growing, pioneering technology that is expected to change the way industry works. Graphmatech is developing a product portfolio of graphene composites suitable for additive manufacturing, offering unique solutions for materials in AM. We have already proven that new properties can emerge with the incorporation of graphene. For example, polymers can become electrically conductive and can exhibit tuneable conductivity (from ESD to conductive) with very low graphene concentrations.

One of our unique technologies includes graphene coated polymer powders for selective laser sintering. The major advantages of SLS are no need of support structure, making it suitable for fully functional prototypes and parts for complex end-use, high resolution, and high throughput per print. We have proven that our coated materials work for SLS printing. However, we would like to better define printing parameters for our materials to optimize fully properties of the printed parts.

The aim of this master thesis is to extensively investigate and define printing parameters. The work will include design of experiments, printing trials, as well as characterization of the printed parts.

About you

For this project we are looking for a student from a Master of Science program in additive manufacturing or similar with an interest in material’s characterization.  The project will require a good balance of self-motivation and ownership with teamwork. In return, we offer a challenging, creative, and varied learning experience with a young organization with great potential in Uppsala.

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Email your CV together with a cover letter in English to [email protected].