Metal graphene composites

The addition of graphene to metal powders generates opportunities for more efficient material utilization.

Our metal solutions

We provide metal graphene composite materials in a wide range of metals and particle size distributions. The advantage with our product is that you will have a homogenous distribution of graphene when you produce your component. Our treated powder is available with noble metals like copper and silver, ferrous- or nickel-based alloys as well as in aluminium- and titanium alloys. We mainly work with powders in the particle size range of 15-65 µm but other size ranges can be provided upon request.If you require further information or are interested in other material combinations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kindly refer below for additional details on two of our material combinations.


Silver is one of the most thermal- and electrically conductive metallic materials. Combining silver with graphene can improve the wear resistance while maintaining the conductive properties. These properties are important aspects in design of new contact materials for the future electrification.


Copper is one of the key materials in the future of electrification. Graphmatech’s tailored Aros Graphene® Technology in­troduce graphene homogeneously into the copper matrix. Our treatment covers the surface of the metal powder par­ticles with graphene and secures an even distribution of graphene. Our AROS Cu AM is a graphene-treated copper powder with decreased reflectivity compared to pure copper which improves the density of the printed components in AM.

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