Solid progress in hydrogen infrastructure certification 

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Uppsala, Sweden — Hydrogen is an important part of the transition to a more sustainable future. However, it presents engineering challenges since the gas easily escapes from pipes and storage vessels. Hydrogen is not only expensive, but it also has an eleven times greater global warming potential (GWP) than carbon dioxide. It’s imperative for both the hydrogen economy and the fight against climate change to avoid leaking hydrogen into the atmosphere. 

Graphmatech’s first generation polyethylene-graphene masterbatch (AROS MB HDPE) leaks 41% less hydrogen than the neat HDPE. Perfect for hydrogen infrastructure. 

Last September, Polytubes and Graphmatech signed an MoU to produce and certify pipes made from Graphmatech’s masterbatch in Canada. Polytubes, the largest producer of natural gas pipe in Canada, plans to use the product both to retrofit existing pipelines and to manufacture new ones.  

Production has gone well; Graphmatech’s masterbatch is a drop-in replacement for Polytube’s current solutions. No modification of Polytube’s production process is needed. The successful first round of certification tests ensured the pipes are safe: high pressure to burst and anti-static properties. 

The next round of certification testing starts now with long-term testing and pilot customer and will be complete during 2023. These new tests ensure long term functionality; they cover permeability and resistance to aging.   

If successful, these tests will unlock Canadian certification of gas pipes using the new polymer, which will have immediate applications in the existing natural gas infrastructure as well as the future hydrogen infrastructure that has recently receive significant public and private investment in Canada.  

“There are extensive market applications for Polyethylene-Graphene pipe systems in North America. We are confident that the partnership between Polytubes and Graphmatech will soon produce the next generation of market-leading pipe solutions. “ says Jim Stergiou, General Manager – Polytubes 

“Graphmatech is excited about our exciting opportunity in building better hydrogen infrastructure, and also proud of our growing contribution to the green transition.” says Torkel Nord Bjärneman, Business Development Manager at Graphmatech. 

For more information, contact: 
Torkel Nord Bjärneman 
[email protected] 
+46 730 92 05 60 

Jim Stergiou 
General Manager – Polytubes LP 
16221 123 Ave Edmonton, AB T5V 1N9 Canada 
+1 780-491-6201  

About Graphmatech 
Graphmatech AB delivers patented next-generation materials to support the green transition. The company is best known for its polymers for the hydrogen economy, improved metals for electrification, conductive polymers for 3D printing and graphene additives for batteries. Founded as a spinout from Uppsala University in 2017, Graphmatech is a privately held Swedish company with a diverse team spanning eight nationalities. Find out more at

About Polytubes 
Polytubes has been in the plastics pipe industry since 1953 and is dedicated to manufacturing plastic pipe with the highest quality standards to meet their customer’s needs: reliable product quality and timely delivery, without channel conflict. We believe our success depends on our ability to operate responsibly socially, environmentally and economically. 
Making the right products, at the right time, in the right way. Proudly Canadian.  
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