Welcome to Graphmmatech, Marie!

As the world electrifies, we will need to use material smarter. Graphene will play an important role in this transition”, says Marie Vennström, who will start a new position as Business Development Manager for Metal Graphene Composites at Graphmatech in August.

With a PhD in Material Chemistry, fifteen years at Sandvik in different positions and a bit more than a year as Section Manager at AFRY, Marie has a lot of valuable competence and experience to bring to the table.

Who would you describe yourself as a person?

I am a very social person who likes to hang around with friends and family, but I also love the outdoors, such as forests and mountains. I also spend a lot of time renovating our house, but honestly… that’s not something I do with passion. It’s important for me to work in a constructive environment where the whole team is working in the same direction and have fun together.

So, what do you bring to Graphmatech?

I’ve been into material science throughout my whole career and have quite good insights in product- and process development, how to drive projects and how to build new business, even though I’ve done that in larger corporations up until now. I understand the challenges that many industrial customers have, how they drive development projects and how they commercialize new products, which I think are insights that are valuable for Graphmatech.

You haven’t started yet, but do you have any ideas already?

I think working with a growing business will require quite some balancing of expectations. After all, we’re growing together with our customers and will increase our capacity as we go. That will require both a clear message of what we can deliver and building trust and stability while scaling up. It will be important to work close to the customers to understanding the challenges they face in introducing graphene in their production and support them in this process.

How do you feel about working in a start-up?

It will be quite a difference from what I’m used to of course, but it will be really exciting. I hope that I can use my experience and competence and grow the business together with the team. I really look forward to meeting with everyone and get started in August.


So do we. Warm welcome!