Tommi's story

“My inspiration to work in chemistry started during my early teenage years, and grew over the years. I was lucky enough to have excellent teachers, and a talent for visualizing chemical reactions. I was always interested in developing new technologies, so for my PhD I chose to study the synthesis of electrically conductive organic materials.

It was later when working as a consultant with adhesives that I became fascinated by the upscaling process and the business side of things – starting from small-scale laboratory trials (with grams of material) and ending up in a factory in southern Sweden, using 1 ton of material to manufacture 100+ square meters of usable adhesive foils!

That’s when I really thought – WOW! It’s so cool to take a small scale invention through to realization, i.e. to an innovation!  I joined Graphmatech 2 years ago, after understanding the uniqueness of their material. It was already attracting interest from companies such as ABB and Sandvik, which made me curious.

Now I am developing our newest business area of energy storage, as well as managing our patents and IP portfolio – facing new challenges and discovering new aspects to the technology every day! It’s amazing being able to solve problems every day, as part of a great team with a ‘can do’ attitude!”

Tommi Remonen, Senior Scientist 

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