Master Thesis Project: Battery Binders


Graphene enhanced polymer binders for Lithium-ion battery cathodes

Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology start-up company on a mission to transform materials technology for a better, more sustainable world. With a focus on metal and polymer materials and energy storage solutions, we develop cutting-edge graphene composites tailored to the needs of our industrial partners.  

We are now looking for Master Students to be a part of the continuous development of our research in the spring term 2024.

Project Description

Graphene is often described as a wonder material – lighter than cotton, stronger than steel and more conductive than copper. This is true in form of individual flakes. In larger scale however, the thin single-layer graphene flakes agglomerate and lose much of their properties. PVDF polymer is used in Lithium-ion battery technology to hold the active material particles together and in contact with the current collectors i.e., Aluminium Foil (Al foil) or Copper Foil (Cu foil). In the cathodes, conductive additives are also an important component of the electrodes to function, and carbon black or carbon nanotubes are often used.

The objective of this master thesis is to develop a graphene enhanced polymer binders for battery applications and combined the binder and conductive additive into the same product. The aim is to reduce the amount of binder and/or conductive additive needed in the cathode and thus increase the capacity of the electrode, as well as forming a stable conductive network to improve conductivity and cycle life of the cell.

The work will be performed at Graphmatech facilities and Ångström laboratory. It will include design of experiments, powder production, materials analysis (e.g., SEM, TGA and Raman), electrode and cell manufacturing, as well as electrochemical evaluation of the cells.

About you

For this project we are looking for a student with strong background in chemistry/materials chemistry. It is an advantage if you have an interest in batteries-related research and that you like working in the lab. The project will require a good balance of self-motivation and ownership with teamwork. In return, we offer a challenging, creative, and varied learning experience with a young organization with great potential in Uppsala.

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