Master’s student placements 2022 and spring 2023


Are you a Master’s student looking for a placement in a friendly, supportive team at the cutting edge of materials science research? Or perhaps learning about what it takes to grow from a startup and build a successful company?

Graphmatech and Uppsala University are currently looking for talented Masters thesis students for our project

  • Thermal reduction of graphene oxide for polymer-graphene composite production 

Information about the project:
Graphene is often described as a wonder material – lighter than cotton, stronger than steel and more conductive than copper. This is true in form of individual flakes. In larger scale however, the thin single-layer graphene flakes agglomerate and hence lose much of their properties. Graphmatech is an Uppsala based company with a mission to industrialize graphene and bring it from being a wonder material in the lab to a solution for large-scale applications.

The objective of this master thesis is to study and optimize thermal reduction of graphene oxide (GO). In contrast to single layer graphene, GO is a material that can be produced cost-effectively with high yield in large volumes. Thus, GO is commonly used as a precursor material for graphene composite material. However, to unlock the benefits of graphene in the composite the GO must be reduced. Thermal reduction is one route to remove functional groups, such as -OH, -COOH, and -O-, from the GO as well as to heal lattice defects in the flakes. In this project a thermal reduction process will be designed and studied with the aim to produce a reduced GO powder material (rGO) that is suitable for Graphmatech’s composite production. The work will be performed at the Ångström laboratory and at the close by facilities of Graphmatech. It will include design of experiments and experimental setup, powder characterisation, materials analysis e.g. SEM, XRD, TGA+GC/MS, BET, and Raman spectroscopy, as well as evaluation of the resulting rGO as a raw material for graphene composites.

For more information and application contact:

Erika Widenkvist Zetterström                              Martin Sahlberg

[email protected]          [email protected]

We are also looking for Master thesis students in the below areas:

  • Graphene-polymer composites for selective laser sintering applications
  • Graphene-modified metal powders for additive manufacturing

Apply now!

We are always looking for driven, dedicated Masters students who are passionate about new materials. If this sounds like you, please send your CV / resumé and a personal letter to [email protected]

This is an open notice – applicants will be considered on application.

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