Graphmatech launches online store, increasing the accessibility of graphene-enhanced composite materials


Award-winning Swedish startup Graphmatech is accelerating with the launch of their online store at, set to open on December 1st, 2021. The site will host the latest graphene-enhanced composites from Graphmatech in sample sizes suitable for different manufacturing and test methods. 
By granting businesses and academic institutions easier access to test the unique properties of metal powders and polymers enhanced with Graphmatech’s Aros Graphene® Technology – Graphmatech wants to increase accessibility, promote testing, and new collaborations to take shape – opening new doors for R&D teams and businesses alike. 

Featuring a mix of Graphmatech’s newly developed products 
At the initial launch, the shop will feature three products from Graphmatech’s offering. Two graphene composites for the polymer segment and one for the metal segment. More products will be added over time. 

  •   AROS MB HDPE – IM, a ready-to-use granular mix compatible with most standard high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grades available off-the-shelf, available in 1 kg and 5 kg bags 
  • AROS IM ABS, a fiber-reinforced ABS-Graphene compound suitable for injection moulding, available in 5 kg bags 
  • AROS Cu AM Grade 6, a Copper-Graphene powder grade 6, suitable for additive manufacturing, available in 1 kg containers

Graphmatech’s AROS-range of composites is enhanced by Aros Graphene® Technology, Graphmatech’s unique and tailored graphene formulations can add or influence gas barrier properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties in different applications while solving the issues with re-agglomeration and non-homogeneous dispersion common to traditional graphene solutions. Each AROS product has been created with different solutions in mind, for high performance and unique qualities. 

“With the launch of Graphmatech’s e-commerce site, we aim to make graphene-enhanced composite samples easily and quickly available to both academic and corporate researchers for testing and evaluation. We hope to attract new customers that are eager to benefit from Aros Graphene® technology in many different applications.
– Stefan Hvalgren, Sales and Marketing Director at Graphmatech

Besides the products available as samples through the online store, Graphmatech continues to offer custom development projects in close collaboration with customers, creating tailored solutions that improve desired parameters with the help of graphene and its related materials. 

The Graphmatech online store is currently only available to shop from VAT-registered businesses based in the EU. For teams located outside of this area or interested in buying larger quantities, please contact the Graphmatech team.

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