Metal graphene composites

Small amounts of graphene can achieve large improvements

Graphmatech's patented materials technology prevents graphene flakes from stacking together and mixes graphene evenly with metal powder as it will remain dispersed over time in the powder. More importantly, the graphene remains in the material after processing using 3D printing, HIP, or extrusion.

AROS Cu™ AM Grade 6

AROS Cu AM Grade 6 is a copper powder composite, with the addition of graphene produced with the Graphmatech method. The product is a copper powder, OFHC, where the powder particles are covered with sheets of graphene. The grain size distribution of the powder is suitable for additive manufacturing techniques.
The product provides a powder with an even distribution of the graphene in the matrix and a very low fraction of free graphene.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material data sheet available upon request – contact us!

Graphmatech’s graphene technology unlocks the potential of copper additive manufacturing

Researchers at Uppsala University, in collaboration with Graphmatech, have demonstrated a potential breakthrough in the printability of copper for laser additive manufacturing, significantly lowering the reflectivity of copper powder to achieve more dense printed parts.

Additive manufacturing of metals has seen rapid uptake across a range of industries due to its ability to produce customized and complex designs on-demand, as well as offering more sustainable manufacturing with reduced waste and lower material requirements.