Polymer graphene composites

Graphene has the potiential to make polymers electrically conductive, tougher, stiffer and more heat resistant than the polymer alone.

Small amounts incorporated into a polymer matrix can achieve large improvements. Hence, polymer graphene composites enable several applications where weight and mechanical properties make the whole difference, such as fuel-efficient aircraft, automotive parts, medical implants, sports equipment, and wind turbine parts, just to mention a few.

Masterbatches tailored for your polymer

Graphene composites also open up new possibilities within the field of additive manufacturing (3D-printing). Additionally, its electrical conductivity and thermal and optical properties also make polymer graphene composites ideal for applications such as coatings for solar cells, tires, and all kinds of other semi-conductive rubber.

We develop masterbatches tailored for your specific polymer and are also working on formulations for engineering polymers.

Do you want to improve the characteristics of your polymers with graphene and related two-dimensional materials!



AROS MB™ HDPE IM from Graphmatech is a masterbatch (i.e. ready-to-use granular mix) enhanced by our own unique Aros Graphene® Technology formula, specifically tailored for injection moulding.

The masterbatch is part of the AROS MB product range that embodies Graphmatech’s expertise in Polymer Graphene Composites. AROS MB HDPE is highly compatible with most standard high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grades available off-the-shelf and can serve as a perfect substitute for common carbon black masterbatches as it will retain the color black while increasing the final properties of the part.


Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


Fiber-reinforced Graphene-ABS compound for injection moulding with excellent process stability, high stiffness, and low heat distortion.

By being enhanced with Graphmatech’s unique graphene formulation, AROS IM™ ABS is a fire retardant and ESD hybrid composite based on ABS thermoplastics that are easy to process. ABS is an ideal material for structural applications, in which strength and stiffness are required. It may be used for interior applications such as appliance parts, transportation such as under the hood applications, and electronics.


Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Graphene versus carbon black for polymers

Did you know that carbon is what gives rubber tires their black color, but also improves their material properties?

Carbon black is the standard industrial choice right now, but thanks to the properties of graphene, there is a high interest in replacing carbon black with this exciting material. To assess this potential, Graphmatech’s team performed a comparative study.

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