Polymers for the hydrogen economy

Pressure vessels and pipes that leak less even under extreme conditions.

Our polymer solutions

Graphene carrying solutions

> Up to 41% reduction in hydrogen gas permeability on first-generation results
> Retained mechanical properties and chemical resistivity
> Added electroactivity and improved thermal properties


Graphene treated powders

> Graphene-enhanced HDPE and PA powders for rotational moulding
> Ensures uniform distribution of graphene
> Proprietary manufacturing technique

Treated thermoplastic powder formulations

Graphene-enhanced HDPE and PA powders for rotational moulding, ensuring homogenous dispersion of graphene with added electroactivity, gas barrier properties, and more.


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Ready to use thermoplastic pellets for industrial processes

AROS MB™ from Graphmatech are thermoplastic masterbatches (i.e. ready-to-use granular mixes) enhanced by our own unique and tailored Aros Graphene® Technology. AROS MB™ embodies Graphmatech’s expertise in thermoplastic graphene formulations and are developed to be processable on industrial large-scale processing equipment such as extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding. Key enhancements include gas barrier, electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength.

Aros MB HDPE product range

AROS MB HDPE – IM (injection moulding): SHOP
Technical Data Sheet 
Material Safety Data Sheet

AROS MB HDPE – EX (extrusion): SHOP
Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


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