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Graphene is often described as a wonder material – lighter than cotton, stronger than steel and more conductive than copper. And it is, in for individual flakes. In larger scale, the thin, single-layer graphene flakes agglomerate and hence lose much of their properties.


Metal Graphene Composites
  • Composites for additive manufacturing
  • Composites for electrical contacts
  • Composites for corrosion barriers
  • Coated powders with dramatically increased flowability

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Polymer Graphene Composites
  • Pellets for injection molding
  • Masterbatches
  • Filaments for 3D printing (such as the Koltron G1, developed with our partner AddNorth)

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We work closely together with you to unlock the potential of your materials and products with graphene technology. Your expertise around product needs and production processes combined with our competence and experience in graphene and related two-dimensional materials has the potential to unlock completely new markets and applications, or simply boost your current processes and products.

Our services include:

  • Customer development projects
  • Technology licenses
  • A range of products, both ready made or tailored specifically to your needs

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AROS IM™ ABS (Fiber-reinforced Graphene-ABS Compound for Injection Moulding):

Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


AROS MB™ HDPE – IM (HDPE-Graphene Masterbatch for Injection Moulding):

Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet


AROS Cu™ AM Grade 6 (Copper-Graphene Powder)

Material Safety Data Sheet
Material data sheet available upon request – contact us!

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