Safer, less leaky gas tubes to Canada 

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Uppsala, Sweden — According to their new MoU, Polytubes and Graphmatech are co-developing tubes for hydrogen and gas distribution. 

The pipes are expected to leak significantly less hydrogen gas than current technology. Reducing leakage is not only a financial priority, but also an environmental priority. Hydrogen has a an eleven-times higher global warming potential (GWP) than CO2.  

The graphene addition makes the tubes multifunctional. They are electrically conductive, thereby eliminating the threat of static electricity buildup and discharge enabling the safety requirement fulfillment. 

Polytubes will use their existing manufacturing process to produce the tubes from Graphmatech’s new polymer-graphene for the hydrogen economy, AROS MBTM HDPE. The pipes will be certified to Canadian standards before Polytubes markets and sells them in Canada.  

Graphmatech’s technology for integrating graphene in the polymer matrix evenly, preserves much of graphene’s amazing material properties. In comparison to competing materials, the resulting graphene-polymer composites are, among other things, less permeable to gas, more electrically conductive, more thermally conductive, and easier to process in a wide range of manufacturing technologies.  

“Polytubes has built their stellar reputation for quality and customer care as well as their leading market position for over 70 years. Their gas distribution tubes are used in most gas utilities across Canada. It is a privilege to work with such a solid, long-term partner. With Polytubes, we’re making progress in our mission to enable the green transition with graphene.” says Dr Mamoun Taher – CEO & Founder of Graphmatech. 

“We are proud to cooperate with Graphmatech on gas distribution tubes that are both safer and better for the environment. The development of these tubes is a good example of how Polytubes takes responsibility socially, environmentally, and economically.” says Jim Stergiou, General Manager of Polytubes. 

About Graphmatech  
Graphmatech AB delivers patented next-generation materials to support the green transition. The company is best known for its polymers for the hydrogen economy, improved metals for electrification, conductive polymers for 3D printing and graphene additives for batteries. Founded as a spinout from Uppsala University in 2017, Graphmatech is a privately held Swedish company with a diverse team spanning eight nationalities. Find out more at

About Polytubes 
Polytubes has been in the plastics pipe industry since 1953 and is dedicated to manufacturing plastic pipe with the highest quality standards to meet their customer’s needs: reliable product quality and timely delivery, without channel conflict. We believe our success depends on our ability to operate responsibly socially, environmentally and economically. 

Making the right products, at the right time, in the right way. Proudly Canadian.  
Find out more at 

Polytubes Media Contact: 

Jim Stergiou 
General Manager – Polytubes LP 
16221 123 Ave Edmonton, AB T5V 1N9 Canada 
+1 780-491-6201  

Graphmatech Media Contact: 

Torkel Nord Bjärneman 
Business Development Manager, Polymers 
[email protected] 


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