Graphene-based additives have a great potential to contribute to a sustainable world. The outstanding mechanical, conductive, and thermal properties have the potential to reinforce other materials, make them stronger, lighter, and more conductive. At Graphmatech we work with advanced materials for a brighter tomorrow.

What drives us

The drive behind our technology and materials are to enable the transition to a sustainable society and we are always striving for ways to make a positive impact through the work we do.

  • Aros Graphene® is produced ensuring all water is recycled.
  • The surface properties of our graphene composites means parts can now be self lubricating – reducing or eliminating the need for lubricants.
  • Graphene often reduces the need for, and increases the lifespan of, other materials such as energy intensive or exotic metals  and additives.
  • Improving energy efficiency can make an enormous difference – one of our projects aims to reduce energy use by the equivalent of a city of 130 000 inhabitants.


And this is just the beginning.