Porcia's story

“A Perth girl from Western Australia, I’ve been working in marketing and communications for around 10 years – from high end real estate to global health at the World Health Organization.

I’ve always been passionate about science communication – taking complex technology or research and sharing its importance and impact, whether it’s to the public or prospective customers. I love making that connection and seeing people get excited about something they didn’t understand before.

To me, graphene represents the frontier of cutting-edge materials. It’s really exciting to work with something with the potential to transform so many aspects of our everyday lives. Working at Graphmatech has also provided a unique and rewarding opportunity to help build a brand from the ground up – like the corporate version of a journey of self-discovery, really working out who we want to be, and the impact we want to have on the world. And the team making it happen are an incredibly talented and diverse group, and so inspiring to work alongside.”

– Porcia Maley, Marketing Coordinator

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