Let’s give a warm welcome to Jithin James Marattukalam, who joined Graphmatech in May!

Jithin has a Master’s degree in Materials Engineering and a Ph.D. in Materials Physics with a focus on Metal Additive Manufacturing. He’s worked with Metals AM since 2014. At Graphmatech, Jithin has joined our R&D team as a Research Engineer in metals.


Tell us about your first weeks at Graphmatech!

My first weeks at Graphmatech have been really motivating as I got the opportunity to meet some exciting team members who are inspirational, and they have been very welcoming. I am looking forward to working with a young and dynamic team, and the great journey ahead!


Who are you as a person?

As a person, I would describe myself as a motivated and dynamic individual who likes to engage in interesting discussions and create value in the things we do in life irrespective of our profession. My long-term ambition is to be a motivational speaker and a mentor.


What do you bring to Graphmatech?

My years of experience in the field of material science and my strong technical know-how of Metal AM and functional materials will add great value to what the team is trying to accomplish here at Graphmatech.


Why do you want to work for Graphmatech?

As a scientist, I seek challenges to accomplish growth and to be a successful person. Graphene is a wonder material, but it is challenging to exploit its properties to the full extent on a large scale. My quest with Graphmatech would be on how to accomplish this and create functional and sustainable Metal-Graphene composites with unique and extraordinary properties that would serve the coming generations with great benefits.