3 new projects signed – Koenigsegg, ABB/AQ Plastics and Ericsson/Nolato


Graphmatech has just enjoyed an amazing week for project developments, signing three large and strategically important material development projects.

The first is a 2 million Swedish Krona budget project on self-lubrication and self-cooling polymer-Aros Graphene composites, together with the sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg (Kongsberg Automotive) and Uppsala University.

The second is a Vinnova and SIO Graphene sponsored 1 million Swedish Krona project with Nolato and Ericsson on Aros Graphene-based thermal interface materials.

Finally, Graphmatech won a Synerleap pitch competition and were awarded a 30 000 USD paid project with ABB and AQ Plastics on thermally conductive plastics.

For more information, see the links below.

More about the self-lubrication and self-cooling polymer-Aros Graphene composites project

More about the Aros Graphene based thermal interface materials project


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