Unlocking the
Full Potential of Multifunctional


Smarter materials play a pivotal role in the green transition across verticals, from energy to aviation. By inventing hybrid materials with unparalleled properties designed to be readily applied and scaled for immediate impact, we aim to make industries both more efficient and sustainable. Our polymer-graphene composites, for instance, are reshaping applications like conductive pipes and hydrogen infrastructure, providing reliable protection against electrostatic discharge and drastically reducing emissions like hydrogen. Moreover, our focus on industry packaging is driving waste reduction and extending shelf life, promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain. By pushing the boundaries of existing materials' capabilities, we're not just replacing the old; we're unlocking new markets and making strides towards a greener future.


Polymers for the Hydrogen Economy

For constructing pressure vessels, pipes, and accessories that leak significantly less even under extreme conditions


Conductive Polymers

Tailored electrical conductivity, ranging from high-conductivity to electrostatic dissipative solutions, to meet diverse industrial needs.


Better Metals

Offers unparalleled electrical and thermal properties, and lubricant-free operation for increased lifespan and performance.

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Let us help you with conductivity, resistivity, barrier properties, and much more. Together with our partners, we can also help you create prototypes to take your products to the next level.

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