Tailored electrical conductivity, ranging from high conductive to electrostatic dissipative solutions.

Our Polymer Solutions

  • Available in masterbatches and compounds for a wide range of polymers (PE, PP, PA, PETG, TPU, PVDF)
  • Excellent dispersibility
  • Isotropic properties
  • Electrical resistivity ranging from ESD to conductive range (depending on the masterbatch dosing)

Industrial Packaging

Enhanced gas barrier protection in polymers extend shelf-life and reduce waste.

Our Polymer Solutions for Industrial Packaging

  • Available in masterbatches and compounds of wider range of polymers
  • Excellent dispersibility
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Reduce permeation for different molecules (O2, CH4, H2)
  • Increases shelf life and reduces waste

3D Printing

Maximizes 3D printing efficiency with advanced materials for electrostatic dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, and radar absorption.

Our Solutions for 3D Printing

Through the fusion of high-performance materials with 3D printing, we attain properties that were previously unattainable.

  • Graphene-based materials for SLS, SLM, and FDM 3D printing processes
  • Enhance efficiency in 3D printing processes
  • Significantly reduced dusting of powders
  • Open up new possibilities for 3D printing

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Let us help you with conductivity, resistivity, barrier properties, and much more. Together with our partners, we can also help you create prototypes to take your products to the next level.

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